Christmas Eve Box Bundle - Children's pyjamas & a Christmas story book


Here we bring you the perfect goodies for your Christmas Eve box! Children's Christmas pyjamas and a Christmas story book - all featuring your favourite Elf.

Snuggle up with the Elf for Christmas x Great & Small Clothing Collaboration.

Straight in from the North Pole, our super soft, Christmas pyjamas are perfect for Elf fans of all sizes, these festive pyjamas are sure to deliver magical Christmas excitement... Have you seen the adorable Elf poem on the back?

"Whilst tucked up in bed, snuggling down to sleep, 
Please listen for the pitter patter of tiny Elf feet. 
If you are luckyyou might just see a magical pyjama Elf under your tree.
Elves make pyjamas for all girls and boys
To wear while they are dreaming of magical toys."

Choose a pair of our children's Elf for Christmas pyjamas and we will despatch them with perfect Christmas Eve story "Elf's First Adventure".

With this bundle we can guarantee excitement and magic on Christmas Eve!