Ten of the greatest things we love about Christmas

It’s the perfect time of year for making memories & Christmas traditions. We just love Christmas and everything about it, the lights, trees and Christmas cheer. There is no happier time of the year. Here are our top 10 things we love about Christmas, narrowed down from a million… to help you on your way to being totally excited!


1# Christmas Food & Drink

Food & Drink and lots of both…We love nothing more than the excuse to overindulge on delicious food and drink. One of our favourites is festive Mulled wine, the smell of it just makes me feel all warm inside. Our Christmas tradition to be sipping the winter fruits whilst we gather around the Christmas Tree adding lights and decorations. Yule log or known all year as a chocolate log! mince pies, Christmas pudding, brandy sauce, stinky cheese, Turkey, pigs in blankets …or anything that we don’t allow ourselves to indulge throughout the year… Yum yum in my tum.

Christmas Food & Drink

Yummy Christmas Food & Drink


2# Christmas TV Adverts

Christmas TV adverts - It is officially Christmas when the Coca Cola advert spread on our screens …holidays are coming, holidays are coming…. And we wait in anticipation to see if the John Lewis advert will bring tears to our eyes, or maybe that is the effects of the mulled wine! Whichever it all makes that Christmas experience magical.

Christmas TV Adverts

 Christmas TV Adverts - Coca Cola


 3# Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs makes the whole feel of Christmas, when shopping with the sounds of Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, Winter Wonderland, Let It Snow, and all those others that we can’t help but hum to during this season. My guilty pleasure, Maria Cariey ‘All I want for Christmas’ priceless and guaranteed to make me turn up the volume and belt out a noise, closely followed by my husbands all time favourite ‘Fairy tale of New York’ timeless classic Christmas Song.

Christmas Songs

 Christmas Music - Mariah Carey


4# Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations - There is nothing more exciting than drinking mulled wine and gathering round a tree with people you love to add all the lights and ornaments, then once the kids have gone to bed, rearranging the whole tree ! Another tradition we look forward to, driving to see the fabulous houses that are lit up like Christmas trees and decorated with Santa’s, snowmen and reindeer creating an amazing winter wonderland.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations - Winter Wonderland


5# Children’s Nativity Play 

As a child I always looked forward to the Christmas Nativity Play, ambitious to star as the leading role, Mary, but yearly settling with the role of an Angel.  Eagerly waving as our parents looked on with a tear in their eye. Now the tables have turned, this year was the first year that my little boy was part of his nativity play. When I received the note he was cast as one of the three Kings, I was so proud and so excited for him. For me this experience was so emotional, watching his little face and seeing him in all his glory remembering his one word ‘Muir’ to recite…Priceless.

Childrens Christmas Natvity Play


6# Classic Christmas Movies 

Christmas movies time is upon us, and it is time to pull out old favourites and get cosy, snuggle up with your hot chocolate and popcorn and indulge in one of your favourites. Which will it be…Polar Express, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone, Santa Clause the Movie (my childhood favourite),Love Actually, The Holiday, the list is endless.Christmas Movies

Classic Christmas Movies


7# Christmas Story Books 

Christmas brings some of the most magical, beautiful and funny children’s book, all with the sole purpose to bring a smile to our little ones faces.   The snowman is an all-time classic, The Polar Express, The Night before Christmas and our current favourite Stick Man, closely followed by the new release Elf’s first Adventure.

Christmas Books

Christmas Story Books - The Snowman


8# Christmas Eve Pyjamas 

There is no better time than Christmas Eve than to snuggle up by the fire in new Christmas Pyjamas waiting for Father Christmas and Great & Small have the perfect edit of fun, stylish and the most softest, Elf for Christmas Pyjamas for the whole family. Yes this year we are all snuggling in these Christmas Eve Pyjamas ready for the big visit.

Elf Christmas Pyjamas

 Christmas Eve Pyjamas


9# Christmas Eve 

There is no other evening as magical and exciting than Christmas Eve, preparing for Father Christmas is nearly as exciting as the big day itself. We have many traditions, but here are a few that we love: Baking Cookies to leave for Father Christmas; a Christmas Eve movie, in our new Great & Small Christmas pyjamas of course. Sprinkling magic Reindeer food on the lawn, whilst saying those magic words! Preparing the Christmas stockings, either hung on the fire place or on the end of the children’s bed. Reading our favourite Christmas Story Books. Leaving a mince pie, carrot and a cheeky tipple for Father Christmas, its thirsty work!

Christmas Eve Traditions

 Christmas Eve Traditions


10# Christmas Day

The most magical day of the year, traditionally starting very early! The children bursting with anticipation whether they have had a visit from the Big Man. We have a tradition where everyone lines up on the landing, waiting for confirmation of the visit, whilst Singing Christmas Carols, anticipating those all-important words “HE’S BEEN” the family then gather together around the beautifully decorated Christmas Tree to unravel and exchange gifts, whilst investigating the evidence of Father Christmas, with glitter foot prints, mince pie crumbs, an empty wine glass and a half eaten carrot. Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings. As a family we love to play games and simply enjoy the magic of family and reflect on how very fortunate and lucky we are.

Christmas Day Traditions

Christmas Day Traditions