Sunday mornings - made for family breakfast!

So if you’ve nowhere to be this Sunday morning, but round the table with your little ones, we have a few ideas that make great treats for a family breakfast. We wouldn’t even venture out of our pyjamas if we were you (particularly our gorgeous pyjamas)!

Family breakfast on the weekends should be something special and even (dare we say it) relaxing, and so we’ve rounded up our five favourite family breakfast recipes -all magicked up by fellow mums!

Maison Cupcake’s no dairy, chocolate smoothie

Yes, we know your rules about no chocolate for breakfast, but this delicious smoothie, courtesy of Maison Cupcake, has zero dairy & zero added sugar in it - instead we are whisking up cocoa, banana, sunflower seeds and coconut milk. Whiz it up before your kids come snooping and we guarantee they won’t know the difference. Guilt free chocolate-y goodness!

No Dairy Chocolate Smoothie

Sweet potato pancakes by Feeding Finn

These healthy sweet potato pancakes, spiced with a little cinnamon and fried in coconut oil, have a delicious natural sweetness without heaping on the sugar. Perfect for younger ones still figuring out solids.

Sweet Potato Pancakes Feeding Finn

A Mummy Too’s caramel apple croissants

Only three ingredients and ten minutes to bake, this is one of those delightfully easy recipes that creates something looking a lot more impressive than the elbow grease put in. They are devoured in minutes in our house – a firm favourite on our family breakfast table.

A Mummy Too

Quick and easy, bacon and egg puff tarts from Feeding Boys

This is the perfect brunch recipe for when family breakfast has seeped over into lunch time. You know when you get a lie in (yes, sadly we’re kidding about the lie in!!) That English breakfast staple of eggs and bacon re-worked into a delicious puff pastry tart, with cream cheese and pesto for added decadence for us adults… Winning!

Feeding Boys Bacon Egg Tart

Mummy Whiskers’ homemade pop tarts

Bring a little history lesson to the family breakfast table. One of our own childhood classics - re-imagined by Mummy Whiskers with old school rhubarb and custards. We’re all nostalgic, and we’re sure your kids’ll fall in love too!

Homemade Pop Tarts