It’s a family affair …Six famous families in their family matching pyjamas.

Let’s keep it real! Before kids, you used to walk around the house in slinky nightwear, sleep in limited garments, if any! And was aware of your appearance, (I confess to being a fully groomed sleeper… oh how I cringe!) We looked forward to evenings of dressing up with a great pair of heels, late nights with friends, dining out, candle lit moments on the sofa with your other half, listening to music, drinking and sharing stories and dreams until the early hours… right?

Oh how life changes...

Post kids…just slipping into anything that resembles comfy pyjamas will do, hair tied back in some fashion and the remains of any makeup that has not been melted from your face throughout the day, is a bonus. The utter thought of having to try and make an effort to leave the house after 7pm, sends shudders down your spine and the thought of staying out later than 10pm is just unbearable! Afternoon tea is now the equivalent to the pre baby champagne bar, we so often haunted! So…at the end of our extremely long and busy day, whether it has been coordinating the second-to-second schedule of schools runs/ child care drop offs and pickups, as well as work or a full day of domestic engineering, what do we all aspire for??? Wine and pyjamas!

Ok, we all want to spend ‘quality’ time with our family, so what better way than to have a family pyjama party?

Let’s set the scene for some family pyjama party fun. Imagine baking cookies with the kids (out of a packet of course), get the hot chocolate ready, throw the cushions on the floor, bring the quilts from the bedrooms, put on your favourite family movie and spend some time together as a whole family…oh and let’s not forget, all of this in our super comfy Great & Small matching family pyjamas? The kids will love it and so do us grown-ups.

We applauded these famous families, not only for their sensational family fun approach, fun family fashion, but they are digging it in the pyjama world …in the shape of matching family pyjamas. We are sharing the love.

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Taylor Swift needs no introduction and we love her family snap with her darling brother Austin, teaming cool matching plaid pyjamas. She posted the snap on Instagram with the captioned “Matching Christmas onsies is a thing that’s happening right now” and we couldn’t agree more… there is no ‘blank space’ for us Taylor.

PJ Party - Taylor Swift and Family

The Kardashians do it again in matching outfits. This famous family well known for their matchy matchy outfits has gone all out in these classic stripe pyjamas, whilst spending time with the family, and don’t they look delightful?

PJ Party - Kardashian Family

The celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his brood are cooking up a storm, with a recipe made up of family mixed with a dollop of fun and finished perfectly with family matching pyjamas, the makings of a great family pyjama party.

PJ Party - Jamie Oliver and Family

The famous movie “Twins” star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s family (minus Arnie!!!) shared a shot on twitter of the famous family donning matching family pyjamas, for the perfect Christmas pyjama party… we love this twinning family.

PJ Party - Schwarzenegger Family

Perfect match, for American actress Katherine Marie Heigl and her adorable family, husband Josh Kelley and daughters Nancy Leigh and Adalaide Marie Hope. We love your family fun snaps posted on Instagram.

PJ Party - Katherine Heigl and family

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are one of Hollywood’s most adorable couples and not only that, they proudly share a full family photo of them in their stripy family matching pyjamas…K9 variety and all… we love it, woof woof!!!

PJ Party - Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard

View the collection of matching pyjama photos here.