Celebrity Sibling Bonding - Big Brother Little Brother Outfits

At Great and Small we are from families of siblings and have four children between us, both sharing the special sibling bond with their brother and sister. We know first-hand the relationship between your brothers or sisters is special.

My sister is my best friend, but also someone who can anger me and sometimes rival me, but even still, months can go by and yet the moment we reunite, it is as if we have never been apart. Although we share very few physical traits, we certainly share very similar personality attributes, our sense of humour being one of those…my sister can make me laugh like no one else can… Is this a genetic characteristic or from a bond that has formed through our lifetime together?

As parents we dream of our children being best friends and looking out for one another throughout their lives, but have we overlooked just how influential siblings have on one another and what an enormous influence they have on the individual we become?

“The sibling relationship is life’s longest lasting relationship, longer, for the most of us by a quarter of a century, than our ties to our parents,” wrote Stephen Bank and Michael Kahn in The Sibling Bond.

We take a look at how some of our favourite male celebrities have formed special bonds with their brothers, and how they have influenced their taste in fashion and would you believe what we found….Yes, they are sharing our love for twinning, hats off to you boys!

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One of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Brad Pitt and his younger Brother Doug , don’t only share the genetics of the golden grin but the smooth black suit jacket and crisp white shirts, when they arrived at the Oceans Twelve premier.

Big Brother Little Brother Outfits - Brad & Doug Pitt

Who remembers Teen Wolf? I can confirm these cuties were in fact Ethan and Aiden from the teen horror series Teen Wolf. Charlie Carver played Ethan, whilst his brother Max portrayed the twin of his character. Charlie is also known for his role Porter Scavo in the American series Desperate Housewives. The pair has exhibited their adoration for matching brothers clothing from a young age and we are pleased to see they maintain this affection, whilst they pose in their coordinated denim jackets.

Big Brother Little Brother Outfits - Young Max & Charlie Carver?

Big Brother Little Brother Outfits - Max & Charlie Carver

Justin Theroux, American actor, director, and screenwriter, was spotted on the streets of New York with his younger brother Sebastian Theroux, presenting double the appeal in their matching brothers clothing. The hot brothers both wearing matching leather jackets and skinny jeans, get our approval in with their choice of hot big brother little brother outfits.

Big Brother Little Brother Outfits - Justin & Sebastian Theroux

The Beckham Boys know how to rock a black leather jacket and black skinny jeans! Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham walked the red carpet at the Star Wars premier together showing off their matching outfits and mirrored smiles. Brooklyn shielded his younger brother with a protective arm…May the bond be with you!

Big Brother Little Brother Outfits - Brooklyn & Romeo Beckham

The Hemsworth Hunks are well known for their Hollywood roles in movies such as; Independence Day, Star Trek, Thor, Snow White and the Huntsman and the movie series The Hunger Games. The Australian trio all launched their activing careers in the well-known Australian soaps Neighbours and Home and Away. The boys continue to follow ‘suit’ in their choice of fashion, wearing coordination outfits at the Vanity Fair Oscar after party and the bonding brothers are looking very dapper indeed.

Big Brother Little Brother Outfits - The Hemsworth Brothers

Gwen Stefanu and Gavin Rossdales two sons, Kingston and Zuma Rossdale are often spotted in matching Big Brother Little Brother outfits. These two dazzling dudes look super cute in their matching grey suits and white Tees, we love this stylish look.             

Big Brother Little Brother Outfits - Kingston & Zuma Rossdale

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