Getting Them To Sleep

We’ll never turn down a helping hand when it comes to getting the kids off to sleep soundly (not to mention, quickly) and there are plenty of products out there to help - here’s our round-up of our top five bed time aids, for all price brackets. 

Ewan the Dream Sheep RRP £29.99

Ewan The Dream Sheep

As well as being just really darn cute, Ewan the dream sheep is engineered with a whole load of paediatric research behind it to soothe your child off to sleep, and even claims to help overcome Colic. Ewan emits low frequency sounds - like actual recordings of heartbeats and the inside of the womb, amongst four other ‘pink noise’ soundtracks - and glows a soft ambient pink to recreate all those most calming effects of being inside mum’s tum and send kids up to the age of 7 adrift into the land of nod. Dreamy.

iPhone Sleepy Sounds app

Sleepy Sounds App

Newborn fighting sleep ‘til the very end? Well, resistance is now futile little one. Sleepy Sounds is a must for all new mums with an iPhone. Choose to play soothing lullabies, white noise or nature sounds, set how long for and pick animations to accompany. Best of all? It’s free! The gentle sounds of nature even sent us mums off to sleep…

MAM Perfect Night baby soother

Mam Night time Soother

All of MAM’s soothers are designed with and by orthodontists for both maximum comfort and healthy dental development, and their Perfect Night model is super soft and extra thin so it’s especially comfy - and especially safe. With its symmetric design, it is in fact impossible to be swallowed. It’s other ingenious design element: it glows in the dark so it’s easy for both you and your baby to find! An un-lose-able pacifier, surely a miracle.

Litecup RRP £8.99

LiteCup Night Light

The Litecup is perfect for those little ones just emerging from toddlerhood but still craving the comfort of light whilst they’re drifting off - a colourful, 100% no spill cup with an integrated nightlight. It’s light sensitive, so will fade of it’s own accord once your little one’s fallen asleep, but also means it’ll light back up the instant they’re awake and thirsty. And no matter where it ends up (or gets thrown), no spills! 

Hush Nelly nightlight projector RRP £9.99

Hush Nelly Night Light Projector

Have your baby fall asleep under the night’s sky. The Hush Nelly nightlight projector is the perfect sleeping companion (even we want one) - it softly plays lullabies, while projecting a gorgeous, 10 foot(!) galaxy onto your baby’s bedroom’s walls and ceilings. It’ll immerse your baby into a totally peaceful night’s sleep, and comes with an internal timer that you can set to a 10 minutes nap or to switch itself off after 45 minutes. 

Of course, we also believe everyone will sleep soundly in a cosy pair of gorgeous pyjamas. Now you know where you can get those don’t you!